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Coming up:
23 April: Relating Heart to Heart - Webinar with Kåre Landfald
15 May: Relaxing into Being - Workshop in Copenhagen with Tine Vindelöv
27 May: 
Authentic Leadership & Life Purpose
  - Webinar with Kåre Landfald
30 May: Relaxing into Being - Workshop in Oslo with Kåre Landfald
More coming events


What is Zen Coaching?

Zen Coaching is a powerful coaching method and life approach, founded in 2005 by Kåre Landfald from Norway. Zen Coaching  supports a profound inner journey, beneficial outer action in business and personal life, and authentic relationships with others.

What we offer

The one-year Zen Coaching Training is now offered in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Poland and South Africa. Relaxing into Being is the first module of the Training that you can participate in as a separate course.
There are also plenty of other activities offered by the Zen Coaching Network consisting of over 300 coaches in Europe and South Africa.

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Kåre Landfald from Norway,
founder of Zen Coaching and the Zen Coaching Network.


Tine Vindeløv from Denmark,
Senior Teacher in the Zen Coaching Network.

Zen Coaching Trainings 2014:
Copenhagen 15-18 May
 30 May-1 June
Warsaw 7-10 June
Bergen 13-15 June
Stockholm October

DVD Course:
You can also do module 1 of the Zen Coaching Training, Relaxing into Being, as a DVD course.

Social Action Projects: The Wisdom Fund

The Zen Coaching Network sponsors coaching projects for the benefit of society by supporting people with special challenges and limited financial means.

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