Welcome to the international Zen Coaching Network page!


Coming up:
21 Nov: Relaxing into Being - Weekend workshop in Halland, Sweden
2 Dec: What is the Zen Coaching Training -
Info evening in Cape Town
3 Dec: Relating from the Heart - Evening workshop in Cape Town

New Certified Coach Training starts in Sweden in November & January!


Welcome to the world of Zen Coaching!

Zen Coaching is a powerful, effortless coaching method and life approach that supports a profound inner journey, beneficial action and authentic relationships with others.

We offer individual coaching, workshops, seminars, webinars, video courses and our certified coach training in Zen Coaching. Please browse the page and connect with us if you want any more information! 


Kåre Landfald

Founder of Zen Coaching and the Zen Coaching Network.


Tine Vindeløv
Senior Teacher in the Zen Coaching Network.

Zen Coaching Trainings:
Halland 21-23 November
Cape Town 6-7 December
Warsaw 12-15 December
Ängsbacka 3-6 January 2015

DVD Course:

You can also do module 1 of the Zen Coaching Training, Relaxing into Being, as a DVD course.

Social Action Projects: The Wisdom Fund

The Zen Coaching Network sponsors coaching projects for the benefit of society by supporting people with special challenges and limited financial means.

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