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Coming up:
20 September:  Relaxing into Being - Workshop in Warsaw with Tine Vindelöv
14 November: Relaxing into Being
- Workshop in Stockholm with Kåre Landfald
21 November: Relaxing into Being
- Workshop in Halland with Kåre Landfald


Welcome to the world of Zen Coaching!

Zen Coaching is a powerful, effortless coaching method and life approach that supports a profound inner journey, beneficial action and authentic relationships with others.

Here you can find a coach to support you in all aspects of life, join any of our events or coach trainings or get inspired from any of our videos or other media.

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Kåre Landfald

Founder of Zen Coaching and the Zen Coaching Network.


Tine Vindeløv
Senior Teacher in the Zen Coaching Network.

Zen Coaching Trainings:
Warsaw 20-23 September
Stockholm 14-16 November
Halland 21-23 November
Cape Town 29-30 November
Ängsbacka 2-5 January 2015

DVD Course:
You can also do module 1 of the Zen Coaching Training, Relaxing into Being, as a DVD course.

Social Action Projects: The Wisdom Fund

The Zen Coaching Network sponsors coaching projects for the benefit of society by supporting people with special challenges and limited financial means.

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